Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal for Mac

Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal for Mac

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Unfortunately Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal can't remove DRM from games you've purchased music CDs or many other forms of DRM that consumers struggle with today. But if you've purchased a copy of a book on one platform and want to move it to a different tablet or phone for example this piece of software can help you do it and it has a free trial too!

In an easy-to-use format

The tools Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal provides you are simple designed to eradicate all book DRM in the same way. This is how its batch function works: even if you have books from multiple sources you can strip all of them of DRM. This includes Barnes & Noble's EPUB (and Adobe's own) Kindle AZW/AZW4 and of course PDF. Though it doesn't support every format it supports the most common formats which on the whole make up the overwhelming majority of the eBook market.

Book it

Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal removes DRM from one book or many. It does it quickly and easily and if you can't figure it out there's help available very easily. Assuming you weren't turned off by the prospect only removing DRM from eBooks you probably want to give this software a try and put your Kindle eBooks on the device where you'd like to read them!

Remove Kindle AZW DRM, Adobe ePub DRM, Adobe PDF DRM, Nook ePub DRM with just 1 click.

It's the best way for you to remove all ebooks' drm protections from Adobe Digital Editions, Amazon Kindle, Sony e-Reader, B&N Nook, Kobo, etc. It supports the mainstream of DRM ebook formats all in one (EPUB/ PDF/ AZW/ MOBI,etc), so you can remove the drm with just one-click. And it also supports batch conversion and keeps the best quality as the original files.

Save most of your time.
Select the drm files, and then click “Start” button. Just wait a few minutes, you will get the new ebooks, no matter they are protected by Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle, Nook or other systems. Yes, It's easy and safe.

Best quality for you.
It only strips the drm protection, and outputs the best quality as same as your original ebooks.

A wide range of capacity It's useful for various types below:
1. Kindle for Mac, Kindle books, like azw, prc, mobi.
2. Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF files.
3. Nook for Mac, B&N Nook ePUB Books 4. Kobo, Sony eReader, etc.

No need to backup original files.
The software will create the new ebooks in another folder and not edit the original files, so it's safe for your files.

This software is used to covert ebooks' format and structure, and make the new ebooks able to be read on other devices.


  • Removes DRM
  • Supports many formats
  • Batch removal


  • For eBooks only


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Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal for Mac


Epubsoft Ultimate DRM Removal for Mac 11.9.0


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